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Death on Covert Circle, Audiobook (Secret Sleuth, Book 4)

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AUDIOBOOK narrated by Betsy Moore

A reviled supermarket CEO meets his expiration date

When Sheila and Clara stop by the local chain grocery store on a mundane errand, they discover the chain’s unpopular CEO is there for a surprise visit. Grocery shopping soon becomes anything but mundane when the CEO is murdered.

No matter what ex-cop Teague says, how could they possibly resist investigating when they’re right in the middle of it?  They sort through disgruntled customers, unhappy employees, a local rival, and the CEO’s successor, with long-distant help from Great Aunt Kit, then an unexpected assist from Gracie the collie and her best dog buddy, LuLu.

Secret Sleuth series
Death on the Diversion
Death on Torrid Avenue
Death on Beguiling Way
Death on Covert Circle
Death on Shady Bridge
Death on Carrion Lane
Death on ZigZag Trail
Death on Puzzle Place
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Secret Sleuth series

“Grown up entertainment full of wit and charm.”

Sheila harbors a major secret, which means keeping a low profile with her rescue collie, Gracie, and a new home in an old house. But when mysterious deaths crop up, Sheila can’t resist sleuthing.

Unravel all the Secret Sleuth mysteries.