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Proof of Innocence (The Innocence Trilogy, Book 1)

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She's a prosecutor chasing demons. He's wrestling them. Will they find proof of innocence? Or will the demons win?

Every prosecutor has one – the case that won’t let go, long after the verdict. Maggie Frye’s has just jumped from nightmare to worst-case reality.

Four and a half years ago, she served as special prosecutor in a remote mountain county in Commonwealth of Virginia v. J.D. Carson. Shaking off echoes of the family tragedy that drove her to be a prosecutor, she did her damnedest, despite cards stacked against her. The verdict? Not guilty. A moment that rattled her in ways she’s done her best to bury.

Except now another young woman has been killed in chillingly similar circumstances.

Either Maggie prosecuted the right man and got the wrong verdict or she prosecuted the wrong man and got the right verdict. Either way, a murderer went free to strike again.

And there is J.D. Carson -- not only still in town, but far too close to the investigation for Maggie’s comfort.

But Maggie’s going to be part of this part of this investigation, too. Because this time she’ll get it right … no matter what it costs her.

Proof of Innocence, by USA Today bestselling author Patricia McLinn, will entertain fans of stories that swirl suspense and romance with an ongoing murder investigation in which the man the prosecutor is drawn to might be the one she's trying to catch. 

NOTE FROM PATRICIA McLINN TO CAUGHT DEAD IN WYOMING READERS: Proof of Innocence and its sequels do not have nearly as much humor as the Caught Dead mysteries, though there is some. (I just can't help myself.) They're a bit grittier and darker ... though not in the deep end of grit and dark. I strongly recommend you read the preview to be sure this is something you would enjoy.

Readers react to Proof of Innocence:
"A fast-paced legal thriller that keeps the reader guessing from beginning to end, this book is more a whodunit than the touch of comedy found in many of McLinn"s books." -- 5-star review

"McLinn has a wonderful gift of storytelling and this book is proof. ... The reader is sucked in and held hostage to the story until the very end. What a ride!" -- 5-star review

"Excellent writing with evocative description, vivid characterization, and lots of twists and turns." -- 5-star review

"A story that weaves in and out of the hope and despair of humanity. Excellent characters as they build complicated relationships in the middle of life and death situations. A lot of strategy and a lot of action." -- 5-star review 

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Innocence Trilogy

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